Monday, June 25, 2012


In open spaces where the sun comes abundantly, we scan see a multitude of different butterflies.
Each  of them will lay her eggs in one type of plant, which will feed the caterpillar when it born (Nutritional plant ) Thus, the small tortoiseshell caterpillar feeds on nettles , as its  spanish name suggests.

Small tortoiseshell ( Aglais urticae)

This is a moth of  the family Saturniidae common in moist deciduous forest as the forest of Irati.  The spot inside reminds the Greek letter Tau.
This photo was taken in early May on Mount Mendilatz (Aezkoa) but also I saw another some more active near the upper limit of the forest about 1275 mt. altitude near from the Mount Ori (+2000m.altitude)

Tau emperor (Aglia Tau)

The caterpillar of the piedmont ringlet( Erebia meolans) feeds on grasses, which in this case, would be those herbs that cover the pastures of Irati.Is quite common in the mountains of the north of the Iberian Peninsula.

Piedmont riglet(Erebia meolans)

Stonefly (Plecoptera)
This insect is not a butterfly, but I thought it was interesting to put it, for though never going to bother us, we may fall into the temptation to kill  it . Is a carnivorous insect  who spends his youth in the water feeding on other insects.and some plants. Is a good bioindicator of water quality, and only can see in clean waters. Very important in the diet of trouts.