Sunday, November 6, 2011

Landagoien waterfall

At the entrance to Irati by Orbaizeta, just before going under the water piped  from the Marsh of Irabia to Betolegi hydropower plant, we have a nice jump of about 10 meters which Legartza race, the same as moving the machinery of Orbaizeta old arms factory, made ​​before lead into the river Irati.

It is quite unknown to the general public, it does not appear in any magazines or signposted path leading to it, though access is too easy.

 Landagoien waterfall(6th of november  2011)

  Today, due to heavy rains, offers a stunning picture, but has not been possible to take a picture from the bridge down, the best place for it, due to the large amount of water that splashed all inside.For this reason, I put a picture above, with less water.