Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Old trees of Irati forest. The fiel maple of orion(MN 19)

In the forest of Irati, several trees are classified as monumental, and as such, they are in the catalog of heritage trees of Navarre.

  I want to offer you some pictures of them taken now in winter , so you can see how magnificent specimens evolve throughout the year.

In this image we hve the field maple of Orion. It lies in the valley of Aezkoa( Navarre), in the way to the reservoir water of Irabia,  a little bit before reaching the hill of Ibiaga left amid meadows area.

You can leave your car in the parking of Ibiaga high :Hence, walk about 500 meters.

There is no marked way that carry you, but from the concrete way  you  will see soon.

Close by, are the hazels of Orion, also declared heritage trees.

The following information I have gotten from this direction of the Government of Navarre:

Field maple of Orion(Acer campestris)
(MN 19)


Crown projection: 15.60 x 14.90
  Diameter at base: 1.32
Diameter at height 1'30: 1'07m
Total height: 20 m.

Large and vigorous old maple that is in good condition.
about 15 or 20 years ago was struck by lightning, after which they were removed
dead branches and the crown was restored.

At the base of the trunk cracks seen at a height of 1.5 meters
you can see a branch cut. In a pruned branch sprout with
force some suckers (branches of rapid growth and vertical).

Around trunk protruding roots in a 2 meter

The specimen was declared Natural Monument in 1991.