Saturday, October 12, 2013

The story of a young Doe in Irati forest (1st and 2nd part)

This afternoon a tourist has warned of the presence of a wounded young doe(Cervus elaphus) next to a fallen tree.
We went to see my colleague and I , in order to assess the situation.

It seemed that she could have some leg injured and therefore was not able to go running , or could be trapped somehow through the trunk with some leg twisted.
If we drew and had the injury, then there would be no way to catch her, so we decided to go to call a telephon number we have for the case of damaged or injured wildlife (In Irati is not phone coverage )

They said me  what I imagined , it is a hunting specie, and in weekends if is necessary they move for protected species, and if still she is there tomorrow they will decided what can to do.I have told him that we would try it out , and he said that we can tried.
So ,at the end of the day , we went to see what we could do .

We've thrown over one of our jackets to relax her a little bit while we moved and examin .
We have not found any fracture , open or closed. Not even inflammation or injury of any kind.She  left without resistance that we touch her, so I guess that would be too weak to try something.
We do not know how long it takes there. May be for a days, without eating or drinking .
Tomorrow I'll take a bowl of water ,and partially buriedto avoid pour out ,and  see if she have the strength to drink, and we will try  to call again to the wardens.

(To be continued )

13 october 2013

We turned to early afternoon, when the workload has decreased and serum have led some to try to drink something, but it was impossible, because his mouth tightly closed.
We called the number yesterday but have told us the same thing yesterday, and you have to let nature work.

We can not do more. Actually these things happen every day but do not see them, and are part of the natural cycle, although more than we can repeat it hard to leave aside our empathy and not feel shame before his way of looking and the certainty of  death alone

October 14, 2014

Today is finally dead. Long time no drinking and without forces do not give rise to hope.
The cycle of the forest continues, and many other animals can feed her and feed her youngs, lest they die.