Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter holidays¿What to see in the forest of Irati?

With the arrival of the Easter holidays, many people will choose to come visit Irati forest. To make the trip as enjoyable as possible, we must bear in mind a few things;

Mount Azalegi(Aezkoa,Navarre)

  1. There is still snow on the mountains. This may be an incentive, or a disadvantage depending on how prepared we go. Thus, hiking boots, if you walk out of the tracks, or even to walk on some of them, are highly recommended.
  2. Of the two entries on Navarre to Irati  (Aezkoa and Salazar) at the moment only Aezkoa valley is open, (from Orbaizeta) because by Otsagabia / Ochagavia (Salazar Valley) there is still too much snow and not pass snowplows. This may change, so the  best is to ask in the information Office of Otsagabia: oit.ochagavia @ In any case, the village of  Otsagabia and Salazar/ Zaraitzu valley in general well worth a visit.                                                                                                  The time point Arrazola information is from 9:00 to 19:00 from Saturday 23 March until 1 April inclusive.
  3. As the weather forecast indicates that something will upset your best if you go with warm clothes, spare clothes, and I will also recommend the umbrella than a raincoat only. Around here at least, you will not see a shepherd in the rain with a raincoat. They use the umbrella, because  it's what you'll driest maintain.

Megalithic area of Azpegi(Aezkoa,Navarre) with Mendilatz nature reserve in the background
     4.Bad weather can be an opportunity to visit the villages of these Pyrenean valleys, nooks filled with a lot of mystery, magic and history. Within half an hour we pass from one valley to another, around landscapes that will be in the memory for a long time.

    Narcissus asturiensis
5. Dont take  flowers  that are beginning to emerge. Although some sites will look very abundant, it may just be in that small area, and outside to be very slim. You can remember best by a good photo. Moreover, in this way, the coming years this plant will be reproduced and  will be still mor

            6. The wildlife starts to move. About three weeks ago I took this photo of a wild cat (Felis silvestris) while waiting in the middle of a meadow vole or to a field mouse move to remove some of the hunger winter. It was not in Irati but on the way to  there . In general, wildlife in Navarra is varied and rich.
Wild cat(Felis silvestris)

    Smooth snake  (Coronella  Austriaca)
7. For the same reason, this snake, an Smooth snake, harmless to us started out of his slumber to catch any mice or small insects and encouraged by the first warm rays of sunshine began to poke his head out of their shelters winter

 8.Finally, I invite you to do a tour with us, where we will explain  you everything we  will see in our way. You can also visiting our web:  or put you directly in contact with us, either at the point of information Arrazola (Irati Aezkoa valley,Navarre) or with our email :