Thursday, September 29, 2011

What color is Irati this week?

Many people come to Irati in the fall, because different plant species give to the forest diferents colors and shades of all kinds.
Since the fall of the leaf varies every year depending on weather conditions, it is impossible to establish a suitable date as to see the forest autumn in all its glory.

Arrazola(Irati)  september 5  2011

So from now until the fall of the leaf, every week we will publish a photograph of the same portion of the forest so that you can you do to the idea of the evolution of forest

   Arrazola (Irati)   september  14 , 2011          

Although in this photo it doesn´t seen very good, in some places leaves from the tips  have begun to yellow.

 Arrazola, (Irati),  september 26, 2011

 Arrazola, (Irati), october 6- 2011

Because of the continuous drop in temperatures, and of course, at the same cycle of plants, many parts of the forest are acquiring these colors and nuances that we love.

  This is not the same in the whole forest, not the same as some species than others, and even the same species in a high or at the bottom of a valley.
The picture below is taken at Mount  which are opposed to this photo (Mount Azalegi), and we can note how the fall is more advanced to be more exposed to the cold north wind.
During these days the forest is already taking Irati color, despite the absence of cold, rain and wind makes the colors characteristic of these dates are delayed.In this picture we see how the ferns are turning yellow and even taking that tone of old gold and a little hazel color between yellow and green.
The right one is a hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) with yellowed leaves and small red fruits loaded.

If we go up in altitude the forest is much more advanced, and if we look the pre-Irati area of oak, we will see a wide range of colors.

Arrazola, 29 octobrer 2011.

There is not very much changes in our path, comparing with th last photo ,except the colours of the ferns.
But  we can see the change in color of the forest in this general photograph . As it is  oriented to the north ,the cold has affected more to the leaves of our path, in  facing south

Arrazola, November 20, 2011

Although the fall of the leaf came after November 1, due to heavy rain and wind of these days, I thought it could be well to show you the last step; when there are no almost leaves.

Henceforth, I will try to put a photo of the first snowfall, and later, when they occur changes in the spring (blooms, new leaves)  try to show you.
Arrazola, 18  december  2011

Today, I come back to Arrazola to take a picture from the first  snowfall after the summer.All the ferns, bushes,and the rest of the low plants are under the snow. Its haven´t snow too much, around 15 centimeters.Now is posible to see very much into the beech forest than  any time of year.

Arrazola, 18/12/2011

This picture, however, is also Arrazola, but here we can see our information point and the mount Azalegi, now rather inhospitable.
During the next months, I will continue with the panoramics wiews, but will be in another section, to make a difference between the 2011 and the 2012.
Happy new year!