Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dinosaur traces from Madrid?

Image of traces of arqueosaurio from Pamplona/Iruña, in the museum of Madrid

Yes, I was astonished, like the stone slab of the image.
I was in a workshop of tourism in Madrid, and, to take advantage of my free time, I went to the museum of natural sciences. Very interesting all exposures.
In the area dedicated to paleontology, I found this slab looks like limestone, with ictites, or fossil footprints of  animals. I could not believe when I saw where he came from. According to the board, comes from the castle square(Plaza del castillo) of Pamplona / Iruña.
Anyone who knows the plaza del castillo(Gaztelu enparantza in basque) will know that this is one of the oldest sites of Pamplona, where for thousands of years there has always been some kind of construction, so something like dinosaur traces, and from middle Triassic (about 230 million years) is not on the surface. So, how did they find?

From 2001 to 2003 the Plaza del castillo was destroyed to make an underground parking. During the works that could see heavy machinery in an area of very high archaeological value, it came to the light the largest Muslim cemetery of the north of the Iberian peninsula, a convent of the tenth century, the remains of two castles, the Louis Hutin`s one , and later one of the invader Fernando Catholic (which it did with previous stones to preventing that the Navarre king will return to retrieve Pamplona), a large piece of a huge Roman wall of the  high empire with the base of the towers, (and now we can see into the parking cuted like cheese for the cars), Roman baths, and an unknown menhir, funds of prehistoric huts, etc ..
Most of these things ended up as rubble under the new houses Lezkairu.
Due to political affairs, stubbornness and absolute contempt for the history of our people, was destroyed what could have been an open-air museum revenue generator for the city, and a golden opportunity to know thousands, now with dinosaur footprints, million years of history of the city.

But was unknown  that after razing the human historical part, They kept digging and found this, they took him to Madrid, and exhibited there. Who was the paleontologist that researched it ? Where is the rest of the plate?
The archeology team that was sent to disassemble the Roman baths, asked how he had to dismount Roman baths, because nowhere in the world is dismounted, but are conserved. As they could not make it morally, resigned, and hired other people able to look away.
I put some very interesting link, especially the first three, because they are more precise, for you would want to deepen you may do so.
I beg you to spread  this, to let people know what politicals did and not happening again, and if possible, all remaints are brought to light, and returned to their place of origin.