Monday, October 22, 2012

They are comming fall colors !

Irati from Ibiaga (Aezkoa)
After the heavy rains of this weekend, there was an increase in the intensity of the colors, but still we have to wait some more. Probably   the maximum color will be  between this weekend and next, but can never be sure.This picture was taken at the end of the day and therefore appears somewhat dark

These images are from a trip that I made with a couple of Jaén( Spain) this morning:

The eastern part of the forest Irati (Aezkoa  and Salazar valleys) have more color than the western (Xiberoa and Aezkoa Valleys) because they are at higher altitudes. For that reason,we will always have the most advanced fall faces north (the cops) that faces south (the sunny) and in the highlands, comparing wtih the valley bottoms. This applies also to know when will the leaf or bloom in spring in some places over others.
As one example, enough it to say that when the elder begins to bloom in Pamplona / Iruña, located on the 60 km from the  forest of Irati in Aezkoa valley ,start 15 days later.

Another thing to consider is that each species of tree lost its leaves at a certain time, and the sooner  losing the leaves, earlier in the spring they will bring. Also in the forest we can distinguished by their color or details, and for the leaves giving the cup red burgundy of the opalus, or intense yellow of the maple rounded ,and the ash, more like a flame, ..

Ash in the way to the Irabia reservoir water (Aezkoa valley)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Forest of Irati in the middle of october

In two days, we will have some holydays to enjoy nature, and many people will approach to Irati forest  searching  those fall colors that we love.

It should be said that this holydays of october and November are bad dates if you want to  enjoy the forest due to the big afluence of people.I  Advise tocome at any other time of year or if this is not ,go to the  other areas of Irati differents to the reservoir water of Irabia. In any case, you will always wellcome, and as we can not always choose the days of the holiday, here you are  an example of how the forest is today.

Irati from Arrazola(Aezkoa)

 Irabia reservoir water´s way from Arrazola

Field mapple (Acer campestre)beginnig the color change

 Mozolo txiki mountain, from the top of Ibiaga

 Arrazola( Irati) 10 october 2012

As you have appreciated in the images, the forest is  preparing for the winter, but not in a hurry. It is possible that this week has been great changes due to possible rain and falling temperatures.

  Walking through the woods in the raining, can be a beautiful experience, as long as we stay dry. If you coming, do not forget the umbrella and good shoes!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The colours of the forest in october first days

There are many people who are waiting that the forest get those beautiful fall colors for a visit to Irati or other deciduous forests, but due to the recent rains and the absence of fine cold winds or heavy rains, the landscape of Irati has not changed  very much. Only some branches in the forest have decided ahead of the rest.

Path of the pollard trees.Arrazola(Irati)

In the photo above we see the start panel a bush with red berries. It´s a  hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) with edible fruits  among the leaves.

Fruits of hawthorn and a baby thrush

The netx photo comes  from 20 October 2011. You  can see the fall was more advanced, but there was not  a big difference.
If there is a sudden drop in temperatures during a week, then the color will come in shortly.Otherwise, probablywe will have to wait several more weeks, and meanwhile, enjoy the spectacle of the rut deer (Cervus elaphus) that these days we can hear them at night or evening mainly, even from the villages.