Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mysterious and eerie Irati forest

This time we will try to see with the eyes of imagination, a girl or a boy, rather than only as adults. That way maybe we can feel the presence of Basajaun, or the lord of the forest in the Basque mythology, who lived in Irati, witches (in AezkoaSpanish  inquisition burned  7th), or the Lamias, inhabiting rivers and  water ponds. 
The fog makes us easier than in full sun.
Recommended Soundtrack: A Night on Bald Mountain, Mussorgsky

Imagine walking through the forest in this fog. If this image we saw it in a movie, expect to hear a soundtrack disquieting, and we would get nervous waiting to see a zombie, (
why I would be seeing "the walking dead"?!) White Walker as Game of Thrones, or perhaps witch House of Hansel and Gretel ..

The ground is labyrinthine and sometimes rugged and requires strenuous detours. There are numerous chasms through which the water disappears underground.
Impossible orient with the sun.
Why not have paid more attention to Bear Grylls?

The  first dead appears

In this rock we can see  fossils of toucasias that they indicate the  ancient origin under the ocean of the forund when  this forest grows today.
120 million years ago this land was a coral reef  (Urgonian period) whose petrified remains forest feeds. (Sinister laugh)

Aliens in Irati

We are now in an ancient battlefield among the oaks and beeches, where we can see that the beeches, more agiles, end up killing the oaks, ancient inhabitants of Irati, to taking away the light they need, and not happy with that also grow inside, often while still alive, to feed their decaying matter!.

You shall not deny me that looks like a squid, with his eye and tentacles!

The old hermit

Old birch
We came to a forest glade on a high, and we think we'll be safer here our fears, but one of the elders of the forest, half dead half alive, looks like yelling at the entrance to Dante's Inferno: Abandon all hope!

The Catacombs

 Burrows of field mice

The floor is full of holes where underground activity frenetic is guessed.
As this spring rained a lot, have had many more beechnuts and acorns oak trees more than usual, so that the rodents had more food, and have reproduced a lot.
Only in this little picture are 5 holes, and even though many of them belong to the same burrow, not often see so many. This abundance of mice within the forest could be causing that wildcats are almost not see these months in meadow  hunting voles, as is normal.

The... hope ?

As with any thriller or scary, the ending is somewhat ambiguous

 Browsed on Scillas 
We see that the flowers begin to appear from under the leaves, and it seems that the forest will be filled with flowers, which  the atmosphere will be softtened, but ... hungry animals roam the forest in search of food!
This is due to deers and roe deers mainly, which are quick to eat the first outbreaks of these prevernal plants, after a winter of scarcity.
The real spring denouement , with you in alive, in a few weeks!