Saturday, October 8, 2011

Irati news(2011)

Here is a cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis) in migration to Africa fell yesterday as they won over the habit of doing.


Yesterday we were lucky to see a bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus), about 2 years old fliying around the entry to the forest of Irati to the Valley of Aezkoa(Navarre), from the information point of Arrazola.

Today the show we had been with the thousands of cranes (Grus grus)that  have flown the same place from 13: 10 to the rest of the Day. In 3 hours we counted about 1950 cranes.

Tourists who were comming  there have had the opportunity to use astronomic binoculars to see them that we have for tourist and us, as well as several hands binoculars.

Arrazola (Irati-Aezkoa) October 20, 2011.

Here we have an abundant mushroom roadside, edible but almost nobody takes it, and we're going to do a little experiment.

This picture I took yesterday at 14:00 p.m. .How much will grow in 24 hours? And 48 hours?

Today at the same time I will take a picture and measure, and will continue so until the mushroom dies or somebody pick it up.

Two days later, our mushroom was complety destroyed, probalbly for a cow or a mare,quite common around this area.End of the experiment!
We will try in a next one.

50 Starlings in the entry to irati forest by Orbaizeta.

Today, at 15:00 p.m. we have seen around 50 Starlings ,perched among the cows, in the distric of Larraun (Orbaizeta).
Stirlings usually lives from the north of the pyrenees, and come to Iberian peninsula in winter during the migration.The next photo is of some of today´s birds.

Starling(Sturnus vulgaris).
common cranes (grus grus)killed by golden eagles(Aquila chrysaetos)(15/11/2011)

On Sunday October 13, a  environment warden, told us  that in the way of the holes of Anbulolatz (SL50-C),in about 10 minutes of information point of Arrazola, were the remains of a common crane (Grus grus),  which there were only some feathers and possibly had been struck down by a pair of Golden eagles that they live in Irati.

Based feathers were bitten, which are not made for birds of prey;they pluck the feathers of their victims,no bite them, indicating that once the crane landed, she was attacked by a carnivore, which  took her to eat later elsewhere. As is a large bird, I thing that could be attack for  fox or badger, both very common.

In this photo, in February of this year 2011, we can see a dead crane in Azpegi (Irati) whose attack was observed, and we know they were golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) who attacked her.
The photo is  of Alfonso Senosiain.

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