Saturday, September 21, 2013

A spider with a great history.

 Wasp spider(Argiope bruennichi)

This is the wasp spider  (Argiope bruennichi.) Is very common among the gorse (ulex europaea), a very green prickly plants with yellow flowers, and can be seen at this time also in Irati(Navarre). There is a very good link about this spider, which is colonizing the world (Spanish) :
When it capture an insect and sting, she introduce an paralyzing substance and an enzyme that digests proteins. Then the spider has only to suck the contents. It's like eating an entire steak with straw.
Although it looks bad, it seems for us it is harmless. Quite a luck!
Due to various crosses between populations adapted to different climates, new spiders have managed to adapt to all climates, cold, temperate and tropical.