Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baskian viper (Vipera seoanei) in Irati forest

Baskian Viper(Vipera seoanei)

We  found it in the access road to the Irati forest  from Aezkoa valley(Navarre), between the hut of the toilets and the information point. It seemed dozing on the road to get more heat, but as we approached to take photos, and finally try away with a stick, we realized she was dead.It was not very visible injury near the tail, and the death was recent because recently we had been there.
In Irati we have two kinds of snakes, theEuropean Asp (Vipera aspis), of most Mediterranean distribution, with which Cleopatra committed suicide, and this other, Baskian viper(Vipera seoanei), from the north of the Iberian Peninsula, without snout like the European Asp, but with vertical pupils of all snakes. It is considered endemic to the Iberian Peninsula, ie not living in other parts of the world.
We had been for a day in the point of information and we had been  showing  to the people who had some interest in wildlife, after asking if they wanted to see, as there are many people with a phobia of snakes. Finally we had to throw.

It measured 65 cm. long. Really big for the species.

If you are interested in a good link about the world of snakes of the Iberian Peninsule, here you are a good link(also in english):

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