Saturday, October 1, 2011

The rutting in Irati forest.

Four days ago (15-9-2011) has begun, especially audible at dusk, the rut. Consists of the sound (bellowing) emitted during the deer mating season. Henceforth, the males will fight among themselves to mate with the does that make his harem.

It is a good time to approach the forest and hear and even see them, because in this time are not so careful and they can be caught easily.
(26 / 9 / 2011)

The good weather is not favorable for the rut, and these days you are not hearing so much as in other years. However, today, to 9 in the morning have been heard several males from the point of information Arrazola .


Surely now is a good time for berrea.During the last  days has been heard anywhere in Irati and at almost any time, although the first and last hours of the day are a priori the best.

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