Thursday, October 4, 2012

The colours of the forest in october first days

There are many people who are waiting that the forest get those beautiful fall colors for a visit to Irati or other deciduous forests, but due to the recent rains and the absence of fine cold winds or heavy rains, the landscape of Irati has not changed  very much. Only some branches in the forest have decided ahead of the rest.

Path of the pollard trees.Arrazola(Irati)

In the photo above we see the start panel a bush with red berries. It´s a  hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) with edible fruits  among the leaves.

Fruits of hawthorn and a baby thrush

The netx photo comes  from 20 October 2011. You  can see the fall was more advanced, but there was not  a big difference.
If there is a sudden drop in temperatures during a week, then the color will come in shortly.Otherwise, probablywe will have to wait several more weeks, and meanwhile, enjoy the spectacle of the rut deer (Cervus elaphus) that these days we can hear them at night or evening mainly, even from the villages.



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