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Aesculapian snake(Zamenis longissimus)

Aesculapian snake(Zamenis longissimus)
In another article I have mentioned that the snakes, which are cold-blooded, like the heat of the rocks and especially the road, and often go there to get some energy. The road for being black still warmer than the rest of local rocks, with lighter colors.
This time this poor  Aesculapian snake  (Zamenis longissimus) was hit yesterday while  was sunbathing on Orotz Betelu(Navarre), a village near the Irati forest.

It was about 85 inches long, (Adults can reach 2 meters) and a wheel of a motorcycle, looking by the small size of the wound, was caught in the middle.
Usually eat mice, eggs, birds and reptiles, the same way as the famous Anaconda or Boa constrictor; drowning with his body.
A good page to know more about this type of snake (not poisonous) is this web of biodiversity of the Government of Navarra. not very full, but very clear
Belly of the  Aesculapian snake with crush injury

Note that in Navarre, only vipers snakes (much smaller)  can inoculate  venom  and they only will bite us in case of being cornered.
I have a friend who was bitten by a snake some years ago years in the forest, in another  nearby area of ​​Navarre when he went to sit down and he didn´t saw where he put his hand on the ground. He went to hospital and there,they gave him the antidote. In about three weeks I was recovered .If he had not laid the hand on the viper never had bitten, and he didn´t realized of his presence
An older woman in Bera (North Navarre) told me on another occasion that a reaper had been bitten at this time, when they was cutting the grass of the meadows  with the scythe.
. Be always careful where you put your hand or where you step, but not afraid. Only respect.

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