Tuesday, November 12, 2013

finally..the autum ( 12 november 2013)

Beeches,Larches and red firs
Finally, the fall has been postponed more than in previous years, and still will remain about two weeks before most of the trees lose their leaves, but with the forecastof of low temperatures, leaf drop can accelerate.

Little stream, now with water

As for several days is raining, all aquifers are overflowing, and water  springs up everywhere.

 Suspension Bridge over the River Irati In Aribe(Aezkoa Valley)
We can appreciate the flow that carries the Irati river waters on their way down the ancient spa, where can see a dam that was built for the barranqueo, or transporting timber across the river, a practice which the Indians, (people from the valley who emigrated to America and back) brought to displace the rafts, that it was the most ancient of wood out of the forest.

 Irati  river after Aribe village(Aezkoa valley)

Small moth that will no longer fly.

Moss with sporophytes, where will leave the spores.

Much moisture comes in handy to mosses, lichens and fungi, although fungies are a little bit it soggy and rotten,as also the worms that eat them thrive in these conditions.

Pubescent oak (Quercus humilis) of several hundred years in the old path to the Spa

Irati River bank near one of Hemingway's fishing sites

Lower Maple (Acer campestre)
araneus sp.

If you love photography of autumn, these are good days for this, and although light rain that is falling these days difficult the work, it also gives a special touch that a sunny day can not give.

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