Thursday, April 19, 2012

Deers, foxes and badgers

Forest mammals often receive the spring very hungry, after the shortage of  the winter.Por this reason, spring is a good time to see them because now,they risk a little bit more than in the rest of the year.

Deers grazing in Irati.

  In this photo taken a few days ago near the swamp of Irabia ,we  can see two deers (Cervus elaphus) in formation of their horns and a third which does not distinguish good  what sex it is.Sometimes you can see groups of up to 20 people eating next to the cows, mares or sheeps.As Irati combines extensive grazing areas and forests, is an ideal place for these animals.The deer were reintroduced in Irati in 1957, after their extinction in the same place in the early twentieth century.

A hind running away

In any case, is timid, very scary and can smell or hear us  from the distance.The  Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus),is another type of ungulate that has Irati, like deer, but much smaller, and large ears.These photos were taken by Ziaurritz Puy, a biologist  and worker of our company Itarinatura natur guides.


Red fox(Vulpes vulpes) on the run

However, the red fox (Vulpes vulpes),  is easier to see, because it is less shy.In this occasion was eating the remains of a mare dead  in winter, 100 meters from  the road to the  water reservoir of Irabia from the  Arrazola information point.Is not easy to find in the photo. You have to look at the bones of the horse to the edge of the woods , an a little to the right.


In this case, this poor Badger, beaten by a car died in the  road  of access to Irati.  they are nocturnal animals, and often decide to cross the road at the worst moment.For this reason,it is very important to drive slowly. If instead of a badger would have been a  wild  boar,  could have been the car who is  in the ditch , as happens on many occasions.

Badger (meles meles) hit in access to Irati.

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