Thursday, August 2, 2012

Common swift down

A few days ago I met a swift (Apus apus) falled in Orbaizeta /Aezkoa (Navarre), a few kilometers from the forest of Irati. Apparently had no wounds or looked too young. Neither seemed stunned by a heat stroke, as the temperature did not exceed 25 degrees.
If it flew away,it couldn´t  no more than  about 100 meters and fell back to ground. That way the cats would eat him in few time. So, I took him home and I had quiet and with a pot of water near , around 4 hours.

Then he began to flap their wings vigorously. Take it out into the street, and then yes, he flew away.

It is quite common in many places to see swifts fallen.Their  wings are  too long to start the flight from the ground. If you meet one, I recommend a very good link (in spanish) with all the necessary tips:

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