Saturday, August 11, 2012

Salamanders in Irati forest

Salamanders are a colorful amphibians that in Irati like the freshness of the beech, where they live under rocks, leaves, or wherever they may have moisture.

In the spring often  they go to the wells and streams to lay eggs. The youngs, at first glance,are very much like a newt, but are more minnows. In this picture we can see the gills, like feathers coming out from behind his head that  allow them to breathe in the water. Later they will disappear, as they develop their lungs.

Larva of Salamandra

These are adult salamanders, caught under a log that I wanted away. The further west we go in the Iberian Peninsula, more black and less yellow are. The colors indicate poison, and in contact with the mucous of the mouth of an animal, it inmediately spit it. If someone you touches them, wash your hands before touch yours mouth or eyes.

Salamanders(Salamandra salamandra)

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